Roof and Wall Cladding

INTERTOUCH profiles are now available in Galvalume. A significant advance in protective coating for sheet steel roofing and cladding. Galvalume is a zinc aluminium coated sheet offering high corrosion resistance with a clear resin coating.

The alloy coating comprises of 55% aluminium, 43% zinc and i.5% silicon. This coating combines the superior barrier protection of aluminium and the sacrificial cut edge protection of zinc.

Galvalume is available in coating class AZ150 (150 gm/m2 minimum coating mass) and offers 2-4 times the service life of traditional galvanized steel in similar coating thickness under severe environment conditions.

Galvalume profiles are supplied with an optional organic colour coating in silicon modified polyester or fluoropolymer (70% Kynar ® 500).

These colour coated profiles exhibit excellent life to first maintenance in excess of 20 years.

Galvalume is a registered trade mark of BIEC international, USA.


  • Galvalume high tensile cold rolled steel as per AS1397, coating class AZ150 (min. 150 gms/m2 zinc-aluminium alloy coating mass, total of both sides), 550 MPa / 300 MPa yield strength.
  • Galvanized cold rolled steel as per IS:227 and IS:513 (Min. 175 gms/m2 zinc coating mass total of both sides), 240 MPa yield strength.
  • Aluminium alloy AA 3105
  • Colour coating - oven baked paint system applied to substrates:
    • Silicon polyester or flouropolymer (70% Kynar® 500) 20 microns top coat over primer (finished side), neutral back coat over primer (backside), over Galvalume steel.
    • Polyester top coat 20 microns over primer (finished side), back coat (backside) over galvanized steel.
    • Fluoropolymer (70% Kynar® 500) or polyester top coat 20 microns over primer (finished side), neutral back coat (backside) over aluminium
  • Tolerance : Length : + 0-10 mm Cover width : + 6mm
  • Packing : in strapped bundles
  • (one ton max. mass for steel)
  • Length : Available in any length between 1000 mm to 12000 mm cut to suit customer's requirement. (Length above 6000 mm subject to transportation limitations).