About Us

Intertouch Building Products, is glad to introduce as one of the front runners in building products viz; Pre -Engineered Building, Roofing & Cladding systems, Metal False Ceilings, Canopies, Puff Panels, Raised Flooring System and also offer acoustical and general engineering solutions.

The Combination of proven technology and service driven ethics at Intertouch Building Products began 12 years ago. Since then due to our commitment, today Intertouch Building Products is a 500 Lacs company offering a diverse port folio of products and Services. Company is now one decade old and has strength of 25 talented people and presence in all the important market segments in building industry.

At Intertouch Building Products, the role of finding best installation practice has always been urgent, pervasive and a priority. Products are “Application Engineered” to meet the precise demands of any application, keeping in mind the “ Fitness-For-Use” criteria of the individual situation. At Intertouch Building Products role of finding good techno-commercial solution has always been given top priority service and products are so arrived to meet the right demand of any application keeping in mind that each solution should be tailor made for the particular situation.

In today’s highly competitive markets, satisfying a customer is an accepted norm. Exceeding customer expectations at all times is the only certain way to success and growth. We offer solutions through our SOLUTION ORINTED approach, a new way of approaching business with a fundamental emphasis on providing total system driven solutions rather than just products to our customer. To pursue this goal we have committed lot of resources to Architectural Service Group.