False Ceilling

Intertouch building products provides a range of luxury suspended ceilings that completely transform the home and work place. Available in coated steel, coated aluminium in a variety of designs including lineal ceilings, clip-in or lay-in tile and plank ceilings, and C-grid (band raster) ceilings and in gypsum as lay in tiles. They find large scale use in Industry in production areas and also offer unprecedented utility and style for interiors and exteriors.

Trac ceilings are available in a variety of profiles and modules,including 84R, 84C, 84F, 150C, 150F and 184C. Trac® ceiling systems set the trend and command a very high market share in India. The Trac® range of Metal and Glass Reinforced Gypsum ceilings are specially designed for the Indian market, taking into account building design, construction practices and weather conditions.
All metal ceilings available in a perforated version for sound absorption, and are designed to integrate with standard lighting fixtures, air diffusers, and partitions. Acoustics: Suspended acoustical ceilings serve to provide sound absorption on the most useful surface in a room.